Why We Do It


We have a passion for understanding your business no matter what it is. Our mission is to use the most effective combination of interactive and new media to help you reach your goals.

At Mac ‘n Motion we have always believed that effective use of interactive and new media must be tied to each company’s business objectives. Too often, a company creates a web presence or runs an interactive media campaign with little purpose or understanding how it can fit in with the rest of their tactics and strategies.

We believe that the strategy must be developed before a single line of code is written.

The first questions a business needs to ask are:

  • What are my business rules and objectives?
  • Is there a role for interactive media in those objectives?
  • If so, then how does this technological strategy fit and interact within my company’s overall business strategy?
  • Most important, how can I measure success and be sure that my investment is generating a return?

If your technology partner is not asking you these questions, then you risk being tactical, short-term and reactive in your technology decisions rather than strategic, long-term and agile.