Case Study – Zach Shumway Live


Client Profile

  • Who: Zach Shumway Live (
  • What: Online Sports Broadcasting and Commercial Voiceover
  • Where: Based in New York, but broadcasting world-wide

The Challenge

Zach Shumway needed a set of tools to allow him as a one-man team to:

  • Broadcast a daily live sports call-in show over the Internet
  • Broadcast live sporting events from various locations with both play-by-play and color announcers
  • Showcase his talents in order to sell commercial voiceovers
  • Attract interactive communities of listeners
  • Build a library of work and gain experience
  • Offer an archive of all daily broadcasts, live broadcasts and voiceovers

The Solution

Mac ‘n Motion developed an overall strategy and used a variety of technologies and deployment outlets to build one cohesive solution for Zach Shumway. The result is Zach Shumway Live, a content-managed website providing a central location for all of Zach’s activities.

The website’s home page Provides easy access to all areas of the site. Zach’s latest column appears here automatically, as does his live event call of the week. Upcoming events can always be seen, as can links to Zach’s expanding archive of recordings.

A live broadcast page integrates a Ustream feed, through which Zach broadcasts his shows and events live. Additional mirror pages (e.g. www.zachshumwaylive/pittsford) allow measurement of specific events and campaigns.

Zach has a robust forum where he can interact with his listeners.

Zach uses various Social Media outlets such as Twitter and Youtube to reach his listeners. His Facebook Business Page is integrated closely with the website, so that any published broadcast is announced on the Facebook page, funneling the visitor directly to his website.

Zach on Facebook

The Results

Immediately after beginning his Website and Daily Show, Zach was engaged to broadcast live varsity football games by the Pittsford Central School District, and now will continue into Basketball and Baseball seasons. Listeners drawn to the page for the broadcasts have heard Zach’s commercial voiceover samples and he is now accepting voiceover engagements. And Zach’s complete body of work helped him get accepted into broadcasting school.

The Technology

Mac ‘n Motion used a variety of technologies to pull together our interactive media solution:

  • WordPress-driven website with customized PHP
  • PHPBB for secure and robust interactive forums
  • Ustream as an online live broadcast partner
  • Various software solutions allowing Zach to handle the daily audio conversion and editing duties
  • Software allowing Zach to use Skype for free international call-in to his radio show