Case Study – StormBlok Systems, Inc.


Client Profile

  • Who: StormBlok Systems, Inc. (
  • What: Hurricane Protection Devices
  • Where: Based in New York and Florida

The Challenge

StormBlok is a company exiting the Design and Development phase and entering the Manufacturing and Sales stage. They required:

  • A website providing information to potential investors, manufacturing partners and sales channels

The Solution

Mac ‘n Motion developed the StormBlok Systems website as an information portal to produce qualified leads. The idea was to funnel potential partners and customs to the site using Search Engine Optimization.

Stormblok Systems

Since this is a set of newly patented products, interactive media is used to show off the products. Videos of the product in operation are hosted on Youtube. Animated graphics show how the products are deployed. These animations along with other renderings produced by Mac ‘n Motion are used in sales marketing presentations as well as on the web.

Stormblok Fortress Deployment

Stormblok Sign Protection


StormBlok uses a secure online project management system to communicate with each partner.

The Results

The following search phrases drive potential partners and customers to the site by appearing at the very top of Google searches.

  • Fuel Pump Hurricane Protection – 1st
  • Fuel Pump Wind Protection – 2nd
  • Fuel Pump Hurricane Loss – 1st commercial site
  • ATM Hurricane Protection – 1st
  • ATM Wind Protection – 1st
  • ATM Hurricane Loss – 1st commercial site
  • Sign Hurricane Protection – 1st Video listed; 1st page of website search results

We are now pursuing the same results in the window protection category.

StormBlok has used these tools to successfully close their first round of institutional investment.

StormBlok is successfully using these interactive tools to close deals with manufacturers and customers.

The Technology

Mac ‘n Motion used a variety of technologies to pull together our interactive media solution:

  • WordPress-driven website with customized PHP
  • PHP/MySQL-based project management system
  • Animated renderings created in Illustrator and Photoshop