Web Development


Web Development

A presence on the web can no longer be an afterthought. In an environment where your customers research every decision on line, you need to be found.

Putting up a website is technically simple, but it cannot present your company’s personality and differentiators without a careful plan. Mac ‘n Motion begins each engagement by learning your business through a process called JADD (Joint Application Design and Development). We will bring together all of the players both from your company and ours, and we will lead you through a discussion about your business objectives, business rules and tactics and strategies. These in-depth sessions often reveal as much to our clients as they do to us!

Mac ‘n Motion has extensive experience in all levels of web design, from simple but effective WordPress deployments to custom-coded PHP/MySQL highly-secure websites. Our ability to incorporate  various technologies (for example Live Broadcasting, Secure Project Management, Robust Discussion Groups, and Social Media Integration to name just a few) ensures that your website will serve your business according to plan.

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Planning for Success

We take this information and formulate a plan of attack, deciding on which combination of electronic media are best suited to meet your needs. Are you trying to broaden your customer base? Launch a new product? Provide improved customer service? Each of these goals (along with many possible others) requires a logical approach toward web deployment.

Once our plan is in place, we move into our development and deployment phases, meeting your time requirements while reaching defined milestones along the way.

Let our expertise go to work for you.

Mac ‘n Motion provides:

  • Secure database-driven and e-commerce websites
  • Content management
  • Tracking and analysis
  • Rich media as required (including photography, audio, video and interactive media)
  • Multiple language content
  • Service integration as required (for example connecting your website with various existing social networks to drive customers from where they live on line right to your door)
  • We are not a hosting company but we can assist you in putting your data on line
  • We are happy to train our clients to run their on-line presence themselves, or we can manage their presence through a service agreement