Interactive Media


Interactive MediaWith each passing year new and more powerful ways are developed to connect businesses with their customers. Each of these technologies has a place in an overall business strategy.

Mac ‘n Motion has decades of experience in rich, interactive media development and deployment. We also have experience with companies of every size, from Public companies and Fortune 500s to small- and mid-size companies. Our experience crosses almost every industry and specialty. We know how to understand your business, and use that understanding at the center of an integrated strategy to bring your business to your customers through interactive media.

A strategic plan will consider your short- and long-term business goals and use technology to drive those goals. Each and every dollar/baht spent on technology will tie directly to part of the overall strategy, and the plan will incorporate tracking features so that you can measure your results.

Your company’s technology can no longer be broken up into individual pieces: a website here, a Facebook page there, interactive CD-Roms with your salesforce, interactive training modules on your employees’ laptops. Each piece must be part of an overall strategy and make measurable contributions to the strategy’s success.

Our mission is to understand your business objectives, and use the right technologies to drive you toward measurable success.

Examples of our work

AvestaWhite AmberMerckMonziSchering PloughWells FargoRay-Ban Virtual PreviewReflexionVertices

Interactive media experience

  • Interactive Database-driven and Content-managed Websites
  • Social Media Integration
  • Audio and Video production
  • Interactive CD-Rom/DVD-Rom
  • Interactive Email
  • Touch Screen Kiosks for Trade Shows, Lobbies and Special Events
  • Interactive Virtual Tour Photography and Programming
  • On Line Radio and Video Broadcasting
  • Deployment via Web, Kiosk, Disk Media, Email, Tablet and Smart Phone