Case Study – Vertices


Client Profile

  • Who: Vertices
  • What: Start-up magazine publisher
  • Where: Rochester, NY

The Challenge

Vertices was a small start-up company desiring to publish a magazine for single mothers. They approached Mac ‘n Motion to help them prepare for a major fundraising round.

The Solution

Mac ‘n Motion led Vertices through a JADD (Joint Application Design and Development) session where we dissected their business strategy. While electronic distribution was a small part of their strategy, Vertices was concentrating almost solely on their print magazine. Mac ‘n Motion redirected this strategy to embrace the online space not only for electronic distribution of their print magazine but also as a tool to create a community and drive customers to the magazine. The financials based on this strategy were much more appealing to potential investors.

The Results

Vertices successfully closed their initial round of investment and continued to pursue development of their electronic and print offerings.

The Process

  • JADD session allows Mac ‘n Motion to understand the Vertices business model, and reveals alternative options that enhance Vertices’ appeal to investors