How We Do It


Mac ‘n Motion does things differently than most  other interactive media companies. Instead of selling you on a product such as a website or email campaign, we begin by digging in to your business and understanding your goals and business rules.


Through use of a JADD (Joint Application Design and Development) session, all of the players critical to your company’s strategic success are brought together for an in-depth analysis of who you are and where you want to go. This process is not only educational for us, but for our clients as well!

Phased Approach

Once there is a clear vision of your company’s business strategy, Mac ‘n Motion provides a phased approach using various combinations of interactive media to target your objectives. Each step of the way you will be able to measure your results and be confident before moving to the next phase. And you can be certain that everything we do works cohesively with only one goal in mind: your company’s success.

We begin our engagements with a session devoted solely to learning the state and goals of your business. We use our years of business experience to drive our clients to a deeper understanding of their own business model, then build a comprehensive technology strategy around that. Milestones provide opportunities for reflection and agility. And a phased approach offers the ability to grow the strategy as the business grows. We contract both limited, short-term engagements and ongoing, long-term engagements.

Our decades of experience working across many industries gives us unique and logical insight into each of our clients. And our knowledge spanning the history of interactive media gives us a rich perspective on which technologies are right for you.

Agile and Responsive

Our strategy is not to burden you with technologies and people you don’t need on the team. We are a lean and agile company with a vast international network of experts that we have built over 20 years. We bring together only who you need to keep overhead low and turnaround time quick. We will define point persons on our team and yours to facilitate strong communication during the entire project.

Mac ‘n Motion frequently works in tandem with other groups providing services for our clients. For example we seamlessly connect our technology strategies with traditional media strategies led by your PR agency. We believe it is critical that all parties working toward driving your business forward are on the same page and share the same goals.