BDMS Southern Group hospitals (in Phuket, Koh Samui and Hat Yai) struggle to attract top medical talent. They required a website and marketing campaign targeting doctors, nurses and medical staff, with the goal of recruitment to fill specialist positions.


Video Production

We used video to highlight the lifestyle benefits of working in Southern Thailand. Our strategy team identified doctors and nurses whose stories covered the lifestyle spectrum: A doctor with an active outdoor lifestyle; a nurse who enjoys working out and socializing with friends; and a doctor who is also a wife and mother. Our content team developed storyboards, and our video team followed our subjects over the course of their normal daily life. These videos reflect a lifestyle opportunity very different from working at city hospitals in Thailand or in western countries.

Job Board

We developed a job board for Southern Group hospitals. The backend allows Human Resources staff at each hospital to securely manage job openings. Applications are forwarded to the HR staff assigned to each job posting.

Branded URL

The success of this job depended on reaching a very specific target group: physicians, nurses and medical staff looking for a change in employment, residing not only in Thailand but also in western countries. To improve visibility in Google search, we purchased the URL, which has been proven highly effective in driving traffic to the website. Additionally we implemented a targeted marketing campaign, using Google Adwords and social media marketing to reach our audience.


In the first year after launch


BDMS Southern Group received more than 1,000 job applications


The website received more than 40,000 unique visitors


The videos were viewed more than 3,000 times