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Athlean-X Nutrition

March 17, 2011 No Comments yet, your thoughts are welcome

The Athlean-X nutrition program is about as far from what I’ve been doing as possible. Eye-opening to say the least. Read my post on my nutrition before Athlean-X.

The program includes a full 90-day schedule of meals/snacks. You can follow precisely or use it as a guideline. I’m using it as a very tight guideline, making substitutions of items but not nutritional components.

Trying to find the program’s recommended foods in Thailand is not always easy. We have western-style grocery stores, but the imported food is very expensive. So my challenge is to understand the logic about the dietary components and make this fit into what’s available here. Not easy, but not impossible.

Additionally I am challenged with the Bangkok lifestyle, where everyone goes out all the time, drinks lots, eats more, and doesn’t stay too confined to scheduled meals. But Athlean-X has me eating multiple times a day to train my body to use the right fuels at the right time to build lean muscle, burn fat and power my workouts. I’m only 4 days into the program. Already I attended a product launch event the other night and was faced with a surprised bartender when I ordered water, servers trying to hand me every type of snack under the sun (I didn’t touch any), and an event that kept me from eating dinner until I got home after 9PM. So it won’t be easy.

After the first two days I got very concerned that my eating habits that I had created since January 1 were being thrown away (portion control, calorie reduction). Those habits helped me lose 22 pounds in 10 weeks! Now I always felt full, and with the shorter workouts on the Athlean-X program (maybe 35 minutes the first couple days vs. the 90 minutes I had been accustomed to) I was thinking that all the hard work to lose weight was going to be lost quickly. Then I weighed myself on day 3, and the worries went away. I hadn’t gained 5 pounds as I had feared, in fact I had lost a pound.

The Athlean-X program teaches that preparation is the key. Have the foods you need in your home. Take the right snacks with you so you won’t be tempted by that 3PM cupcake. I work at home so this isn’t very difficult for me. But already once I made a snack and forgot to take it with me when I left. I have to build some new habits and plan a bit better.

I’m also using a protein powder for the first time in my life. I use it for meal-replacement shakes when I don’t have time to cook.

So overall, there have been major changes in my nutrition habits. 4 days in, of course I won’t see a change. Hopefully by the end of the first month I’ll notice how my body is reacting to this new nutrition cycle and exercise regimen. Stay tuned . . .

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