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Tracking Results – Round 1

March 14, 2011 43 Comments

Note: These are results from my first round of Athlean-X. You can jump ahead to see the results from my second round of Athlean-X.

This page will be updated regularly over the course of 84 days. I will include weights when possible, and any other measurements available. I will include photos to show what progress (if any) I make.

Vital Statistics:

  • 48 year old male – just a regular guy who is pretty out of shape
  • Starting weight 168 pounds (after losing 22 pounds since Jan 1, 2011)
  • Height 5’11” (1.8 meters)
  • Starting body fat = 15.8%
  • Waist 33 (it was probably around 35 on Jan. 1)
  • Athlean-X starting date: Monday, March 14 2011


  • Body fat % = 10-12%
  • Waist 32-33″
  • Lean muscle
  • Increased agility and stamina
  • Better nutrition habits
  • Full head of hair

Before Photos:

Before Starting Athlean-X

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis performed at personal training fitness center as a courtesy before starting the program:

  • Total Weight = 76.4 Kg (168.5 pounds)
  • Lean Weight = 64.3 Kg (141.7 pounds)
  • Fat Weight = 12.1 Kg (26.67 pounds)
  • Fat % = 15.8
  • Impedence = 443
  • Water Lts = 48.5


Day 5:

Weight = 75.25 Kg (166.5 pounds)


Day 8:

Weight = 74.25 Kg (164.25 pounds)


Day 15:

Weight = 75 Kg (165.3 pounds) – So I gained a pound this week. Hmmm. I’m not sure if this is because my weight loss bottomed out and now is being affected by lean muscle growth, or if I’m doing something wrong in my diet. My food has been just as prescribed in the program with absolutely no deviation. However perhaps my portions are too large? I will decrease my portions this week and see what the results are next week.


Day 17:

Weight = 73.5 Kg (162 pounds) – This is why I can’t weigh myself all the time (see my weight from 2 days ago), there will inevitably be swings based on time of day and other factors. But the fun thing about this number is that this is my college weight from around 30 years ago. I never thought I would see these levels again. I’m still wondering where my weight will settle once the lean muscle starts to grow and the remaining fat is replaced.


Day 22:

Weight = 73 Kg (161 pounds) – Wow.

The Athlean 400 Challenge: Time = 11:34


Thoughts and Photos after 4 Weeks:

After 4 weeks of the program I’ve lost about 7 pounds. I can definitely see it coming off the waist in the photos. However, overall I have been hoping for a quicker and more noticeable result. I see some arm development, and I think that eventually the abs can show. Also the legs are getting bigger. But I’m not seeing as much in the chest and back as I had hoped after 4 weeks. I guess I’ll push even harder over the next 4 weeks and hope for the best.

Here are 2 sets of photos for comparison. Before I started, and then after one month:


Week 4 Comparison


Day 26:

Weight = 73 Kg (161 pounds) — I needed a checkup for work, this was official hospital weight but with sneakers and gym clothes on

The Athlean 400 Challenge Retest: Time = 9:05


Day 29:

Weight = 72.5 Kg (160 pounds) — this isn’t even funny any more. Can you say High School Weight?

Let’s review:

  • January 1 = 190 lbs
  • March 15 = 168 lbs
  • April 11 = 160 lbs
  • Loss of 30 lbs total in 13 weeks (16% of total body weight)
  • Loss of 8 lbs during Athlean-X first four weeks


Day 34:

For fun, stopped by Armani Exchange to try on pants I bought there 4 months ago. In December I bought size 34. Today I comfortably fit into a 31, swimming in 32. Wow.


Day 36:

Today’s weight was under 160 lbs!

Weight = 72.25 Kg (159.5 pounds)


Day 39:

Weight = 71.75 Kg (158 pounds)


Day 40:

At the end of Week 6 – the half way point! Definitely some muscle growth. Still lots of fat around the waist, but it must be disappearing. Legs are developing as well. Need work on chest, shoulders and back.

Day 40

Day 40 Back


Day 42:

I just did an interesting calculation based on some formulas I found online. The formulas allow you to calculate a good estimate of the weight you should aim for to reach a certain body fat percentage, based on your starting weight and body fat percentage.

  • I started Athlean-X at 168 lbs and 15.8% body fat.
  • To reach my goal of 10% body fat, assuming I don’t lose any lean muscle, my final weight would be 157. Of course through this program I’m adding lean muscle (I hope) so I could end up at a higher weight than this and reach my target body fat percentage.
  • Then I used the formulas in reverse. Knowing that I was 190 lbs on January 1, and the exercise I was doing was mostly cardio to lose weight with moderate weight work, I might assume that I didn’t gain much lean muscle while losing 22 pounds through March 15. This means that I was about 25.5% body fat on January 1. No wonder I’ve lost about 3.5″ on my waist.

I can’t believe the weight I was carrying around, and the undeveloped muscle I was trying to haul it around with. Even if these numbers are off because I don’t know how much lean muscle I’m gaining, the message is clear: Good nutrition and hard workouts will result in fat loss and muscle gain, and any goal seems reachable!!


Day 43:

Weight = 71.5 Kg (157.5 pounds)

I have been trying on lots of my clothes. Absolutely nothing fits any more. I’m sure that some of them can be tailored, but many are so big that they will have to be donated. Too bad, there is some really nice stuff. I don’t have a belt that fits!


Day 48:

I hit a low weight this week of 71.25 Kg (157 pounds). I think that’s too low, and the current photos bear that out. I still have fat to lose, around the waist and lower back mostly. But that can’t be at the expense of withering away. So I have to do more to be building up muscle. I’ve been told that Weeks 9-11 are the real muscle building weeks, and I hope so. I need lots more work on the chest, the back and the shoulders. My legs feel great, my arms are coming along. But right now I look as though I’m in a fat loss program only.

Before Starting compared to Week 7

Day 0 vs. Day 48

Week 7 Back Comparison

Day 0 VS. Day 48


Day 57:

After being on travel out of the country all week last week (I was able to keep up with the workouts but struggled with finding the right foods) I was very happy to find that my weight has held firm. I had no access to a scale while traveling so my weight is missing from last Monday, but I’m confident that for the last two weeks I’ve held right around the 71-72 Kilogram mark.

Weight = 71 Kg (156.5 pounds)

I expect my weight to rise over the next few weeks, as I believe that this part of the program is designed to really build some muscle. I hope! I am fine tuning my daily post-workout drink. I now use Whey Protein and Creatine Monohydrate (both from Musashi) and I’m looking for somewhere in Bangkok to buy Dextrose (to replace the Milo Powder I’m using now — those carbs/sugars aren’t as optimal as pure Dextrose for creating an insulin spike and maximizing the benefits of the Protein).


Day 61:

Not much difference in the last two weeks, but still heading in the right direction. On both the front and back photos I can see some waist fat disappearing (love handles almost gone). And I can see a very little bit of progress in the upper chest (with help from Day 61’s pushup pyramid, I’m sure).

Weight = 70.5 Kg (155.4 pounds) — (Loss since Day 1 = 12.5 pounds; Loss since January 1 = 34.5 pounds).

End of Week 9


Day 64:

For the first time in many weeks my weight didn’t drop. Over the weekend I ate very clean, I just ate more! More protein and vegetables, but I kept the carbs the same (e.g. brown rice). On my snacks, for example, instead of half a peanut butter sandwich I had a whole one. instead of 2/3 of a chicken breast I ate a whole one. I increased my veggies by about 25%. I don’t feel as though I put on body fat, so perhaps this extra fuel can help to build muscle mass. I will carefully watch how it progresses this week.

Weight = 71.5 Kg (157.5 pounds)

I thought I’d post this interesting comparison. Day 28 Vs. Day 64. This image really shows positive progress over the last 5 weeks. It also reminds me how much more I can gain with patience and time.

Day 28 vs Day 64


Day 68:

Still quite a long way to go to get where I want to be, but I’m getting there. I have lots of fat still around the waist, it’s very stubborn. And while I know that the back is finally gaining some muscle and some strength that is going the slowest. All in all, for a 10 week transformation not too bad. Still 2 weeks left!

Front and Back end of week 10


Day 71: Weight = 71.75 Kg (159 pounds)

That’s up a bit. There may be several reasons for this:

  • I’ve read that taking creatine can lead to some weight gain not associated with muscle gain, as the creating allows more water to be stored in the muscles
  • I am sure I have gained lean muscle
  • A couple weeks ago after thinking I was looking gaunt I increased some of my food portions

But since I still have much fat around my waist, I have decided to return to my original portions for the final two weeks of the program. That way at least I can eliminate that possibility from the cause of the weight gain. I’d like to lose more fat over the next two weeks, and I will be working hard to do that (I won’t compromise a healthy diet, but I will eat the right amounts and make sure my High Intensity Intervals are done to the extreme.


Day 75: Weight = 71.1 Kg (157 pounds)


Day 78: Weight = 71 Kg (156.5 pounds)

Completed the Athlean-X 400 Challenge in 8:11 (see complete details about my form doing sit ups due to bad back)


Day 82: Weight = 70.8 Kg (156 pounds)

Completed the Athlean-X “Final Exam”Challenge in 20:05 (see complete details).

Today I had a Body Fat Analysis done at the Gym using a Tanita Body Composition Analyzer. As I wrote back on my Day 75 post, the results from this machine can vary wildly depending on settings. Today I did two tests, one using the Normal Body Type setting, one using the Athletic Body Type setting. The difference between the two is astounding, and truthfully I’m somewhere in between.

  • Athletic Body Type setting: 9.1% Body Fat
  • Normal Body Type setting: 15.8% Body Fat

I’m sure both of those are wrong. If I was at 9.1% body fat I would see abs, and clearly I still have fat around my waist and lower back. But the 15.8% reading matches a reading I got back on Day 1, and I’ve lost 12 pounds since then (I’m sure that’s fat loss). The company’s website says to use the Athletic setting if your resting heart rate is 60BPM or less, and if you exercise vigorously at least 10 hours a week (excluding “Enthusiastic Beginners”). My resting heart rate is 62. The guy who was scheduled to do a Skin Fold test on me today didn’t show up. So I’m estimating I’m somewhere in the 11-12% range now, down from 15.8% when I started. I think the photos bear this out.

Comparisons – Day 1 (March 15, 2011) to Day 82 (June 3, 2011):

  • Weight January 1, 2011: 86.2 Kg (190 pounds)
  • Weight Day 1: 76.2 Kg (168 pounds)
  • Weight Day 82: 70.8 Kg (156 pounds)
  • Body Fat % Day 1: 15.8% (Electrical Impedance)
  • Body Fat % Day 81: 11-12% (Electrical Impedance)
  • Waist January 1, 2011: 35″
  • Waist Day 1: 33″
  • Waist Day 81: 30-31″

Final Round 1 Comparison Photos:


Currently there are "43 comments" on this Article:

  1. Charlie says:

    Hey there,

    Just wanted to comment. There is some change, no drastic but some change. I too started the AthleanX program around the same time as a matter of fact I am going to be doing the 400 challenge soon. Wanted to ask was your time to complete the challenge including taking breaks or did you not take any? Thats a good time. Anyway just wanted to say hello to a fellow athleanx’er…

    • Andy says:

      Hi Charlie, glad you found the blog. As you can see, I’ve kept things very general so as not to give away any program secrets to the non-paying public. That’s why your answer wasn’t in the original post. My Challenge time included “breaks,” however I didn’t really take any. When I changed exercises I quickly jotted down what I just did because I knew that when I kept switching exercises I’d never be able to track totals in my head, so that took a few seconds. Toward the end, I probably took several 5 second breathers, but reminded myself to keep going. By constantly moving through the different exercises I was able to “rest” one body area while working out another. And I lost a bit of time at the end because I had 30 left of one exercise and had to break that up into 4 sets. Also, I set this all up at the local gym inside the space of a squat rack. That way I didn’t waste time moving around the gym, and didn’t risk someone stepping into a spot that I would need in a few seconds.

      I was very surprised how quickly the time passed. When I reached 9 minutes and had lots left, it was a bit shocking. When I retest on Friday, I’m not going to worry so much about time, and concentrate on perfect form. If my time goes up a little bit, so be it. Good luck with your challenge, let me know how it goes.


      • Charlie says:


        I agree it’s not fair to give out specific’s. I’ll be doing the challenge on friday like you. I did the first challenge Monday and was around 10 minutes. I took a few longer breaks because I completed every exercise before going to the next and as you know if doing it that way takes alot from your muscles. I’ll keep you posted on my results. Thanks for replying back.


  2. Charlie says:


    You probably already know this but Athleanx just posted there supplement line. Here is the website incase you dont already have it. http://www.athleanrx.com. I was looking all over the athleanx site and went crazy cause i could not find it or a link to it.


  3. Charlie says:

    Hey Nice results Andy. I skipped on doing the challenge this am for this afternoon. When I did it Monday I got really nauseated right after and I think it was because I did not have anything in my stomach to get me through. It’s good you are seeing results and it does show. I have lost some weight too. I’ll keep you posted on what my challenge time later this afternoon.


    • Andy says:

      Thanks Charlie, boy I wish I was half my age, I think I’d be happier with the results. But I’m really confident that by the end of this 90 days I will definitely notice a change. And then when I do it a second time it will get even better. As you probably read, when I did the challenge Monday I was nauseous afterward too, and that could also be because I didn’t have much food in me. After today’s challenge, I added water to protein powder and chocolate/sucrose that I took with me and drank it right down, then drank lots of water. This is the first time I had a protein shake right after a workout. After reading all the messages the last few days on the Athlean page, it’s clear that it’s important to do this if possible.

      Good luck this afternoon on your challenge, and get psyched for a great Week 5.

  4. Charlie says:

    Hey Andy,

    I don’t know if I should be posting here or on your daily blog page. Anyways I did the challenge Friday afternoon and my time increased!! Mostly because I was showing one of my close friends my routine, he is wanting to get in shape and kind of looks to me for advice so I invited him over to do the challenge with me. I still was able to pass to week 5 thank goodness. I did the routine in 14 minutes flat. You mentioned form in your post on this so I really checked mine when showing my friend. I used an exercise ball to measure my squat so I was going down at a proper level. Push ups were almost ½ inch off the floor if not touching. I even broke the routine down to 5 sets 20 reps. Happy with the results, but a little disappointed about the time, but still passed. I like the first workout of the 5th week, but I wish Jeff would give a number for the plyo pushups because it would give us something to shoot for. When he says to failure I’ll do say 25 and struggle at 24 then rest for about 15-20 seconds and bang out another 5, rest a few seconds and bang out another 2. I noticed that I can keep going and going if I did that. It’s one of my little quirks but oh well.
    Today I did 1 round of Jeff’s Ironman workout because I cannot get a run in the morning before work so this worked fine. Have a good one my friend.

    • Andy says:

      Post anywhere it doesn’t matter. Don’t worry about the increase in time, it certainly had to do with having someone there watching. You know that you’re ready to move on, that is what counts. Also, with respect to form, take a look at some of Jeff’s videos. For instance in the empty room challenge look at the wall pushups. I know that these are really difficult, but notice how far down Jeff goes. Definitely not a half inch from the floor. I do know that sometimes exaggerating the range of motion can change the muscle group being worked, so I agree it would be helpful with some more visual help in this program. What is funny is that I don’t see others asking these questions, so maybe I am just really clueless about many of these exercises.

      With the pushups until failure here is how I see it. Failure means just that. I know what you mean, if you take a 2 second breather the muscles can reload and you can get more reps in. But I’m not sure that is what we are after. In the timed challenges it is different, there is an endurance component. But the point of the power exercises is to reach failure. With the clapping pushups I literally did them until my arms collapsed and I hit the mat pretty hard. Then I waited my 30 seconds and did it again. It is not about the number of additional reps you may be able to do, it is about putting these muscles into failure and recovery. At least that is what I think.

      Keep it up, this Week 5 is killing me. I can barely walk today after yesterday’s run lol.

  5. charlie says:

    Hey Andy,

    Thanks for the advise. Yeah I’ve watched alot of Jeff’s video’s and have noticed how his form was. I even watched the 100th episode where he did 100 push ups in 1 minute. He did not go all the way down and was even criticized for it by youtuber’s but oh well. If Jeff got his body looking like that by doing it that way than it must be working. I hear ya about being sore. My shoulders were killing yesterday especially since I did the iron man workout instead of the run. It was pretty brutal. I am down about a pound today, considering I had half a big bowl of Vietnamese Pho. Today was pretty much abs for me. Same for you right?

    Have a good one.


  6. Mike says:

    Hey, this is a pretty cool thing you’re doing here. I was just wondering how much weight you were doing in general for lifts. i.e. curls or military presses. thanks!

  7. Andy says:

    Hi Mike. Thanks!

    The weights I use during these exercises are very different from when I was just “going to the gym” before starting the program. They are lower weights now, for a few reasons.

    First, many of the exercises contain compound movements, so for instance you have to work the same weight through a curl and then right into a shoulder press. Because my shoulders are weaker than my biceps, for that exercise I use lower weight for the biceps than I normally would.

    Second, for the first time in my life I’m really stressing Form. I’ve lifted weights for many years with poor form and got the expected results — Not Much! With the exception of tweaking my right knee early on during twisting/jumping conditioning exercises, I have had absolutely no injury problems during this program, and likely that is due to proper form.

    Third, I’m discovering that at least at this point in my reshaping, I am realizing great results concentrating on “time under tension” rather than lifting the most weight. Athlean targets a certain amount of time for each set that you want to keep tension on the muscles, ending that set with failure. So the positive and negative counts for each rep are a critical factor in choosing the right weight to result in muscle failure at the proper time!

    A couple of numbers since you asked (I don’t write these down, so these are just a couple that I remember from this week):

    Dead Lift Squats – I used two 35-pound dumbbells
    Rotational Pushdowns on a cable machine – 80 pounds
    Curls – two 25 pound dumbbells for two sets, then 20 pound dumbbells for one set
    Rotational Shoulder Press – 20 pound dumbbells for two sets, then 15 pound dumbbells for one set

    Many of the exercises are bodyweight only, some use just small additional weight, some use various thicknesses of rubber tubing. In short, you are never told exactly how much weight to use. You have to determine the right weight to get the proper time under tension with failure at that point!

    Let me know if you have any other questions. Andy

  8. Tex says:

    Keep up the good work! I started 16 days ago and love the program, but I’ve only lost maybe 2.5 pounds. Granted, Im 6’5″, 190 (now 188.5) so Im not sure how that factors in.

    Keep posting!

    • Andy says:

      Wow, that’s the weight I started at, but you have 5.5″ on me. If you stick within the program, I have to believe that your body weight will take care of itself. I have had worries at times that perhaps I was losing too much weight, but the reality is that I have been losing when I still have fat to lose. So just keep concentrating on your nutrition, and on your exercise form, and stay the course. Enjoy the rest of week 3. Remember that Weeks 5-8 are a different type of workout. I saw those weeks as more of a fat loss/metabolism trigger than the first four weeks. The workouts didn’t seem as hard or painful, but now looking back there were some serious changes going on in my body in that period.

      • Tex says:

        That is encouraging. I know I’m being a bit impatient, but I just need some assurance that Im doing the program correctly.

        Oh, and Im totally with you on the particular lunge excercise on week 3 of leg day. Its really hard to understand what to do.

        In terms of you losing weight…I was looking at your dinner pictures and you don’t seem to eat a whole lot. On Athlean X videos, the plates are much more full than yours.

        Thanks for writing this blog. It is incredibly detailed, and Im enjoying the read.

        • Andy says:

          My platefuls are meant to show proportions and ingredients. I usually have up to double of the vegetables. With the Pork plates, I have double that. With Chicken I eat one breast, with fish I eat one fillet or one steak. At lunch I use almost an entire can of tuna in my sandwich (and eat the rest with a fork), and always have a large helping of vegetables with the sandwich. I just don’t like piling things up on my plate so it looks like a plate of garbage, instead I go back for refills. Instead of half peanut butter sandwiches, for several weeks I’ve been eating whole ones (and that is my primary “go to” snack). With rice I usually eat about 1/3 cup (amount before cooking) or a bit more (sometimes just brown rice, sometimes combo of brown and jasmine rices) (in the photo for Day 65 it’s a small amount of rice because I didn’t have enough room on the plate!). In some of the descriptions of the meals I remind people that I go back for more of something. I’ll try to be more diligent about that, thanks for pointing it out. In a nutshell, I do NOT leave the table hungry, like Athlean says I eat until I’m full. Just eat clean and eat until full, and do the exercises, and weight should come off! But eating until full doesn’t mean packing it in until there isn’t any space left at all!!

          There are several exercises at least where it’s hard to understand what to do from the description or photos. And sometimes the photos don’t match the description. And make sure to read the short description in the daily schedule because sometimes there is additional information there that isn’t in the companion guide (or modified information). The program would be better with videos of the exercises. Sometimes when I’m not sure about an exercise I look at several videos on youtube to get a consensus of how it’s done. If you find an exercise that you are uncertain of, you can feel free to ask me here, or ask on the Facebook page for help (I’ve done that several times). Just do it enough in advance so you can get a reply before the workout.

          • Tex says:

            Thanks for your response.

            I’ve always been concerned that Im eating too much at dinner, but it seems that Im not. I pile on the veggies because often I’m pretty hungry by that point. I eat pretty late (around 8:30) due to work.

            I also echo your concerns that my chest isn’t developing very fast. Have you found it picks up later in the programs? Before I did the program, I was using 85 lbs dumbells on each arm. I went ahead yesterday (my leg day) and tried it just to see if I had lost some of that strenght. I indeed had, and was down to 75lbs.

            What are your thoughts on chest and arm development?

            Keep on posting!

          • Andy says:

            I haven’t been lifting for almost a couple years so I can’t gauge strength compared to another time. I was talking with a friend who did Visual Impact after doing Athlean-X. He said that Visual Impact teaches more than Athlean about different muscle types and how to build them. Athlean builds muscle mass, concentrating on reps and weights to add size to muscle in the shortest time. However that doesn’t equate to strength. Strength is gained by adding muscle density using greater weights at lower reps. That is my understanding from his description. So for me, the Athlean method is a good one, since I want to add more muscle and change my shape. When I reach a more ideal shape with better muscle mass, then if I want I can modify my reps for more density. If you want to develop lean muscle that looks good, put out of your mind for the time being how much weight you are lifting. Instead concentrate on Time under Tension, choosing the right weight for each set to do the number of reps called for, and stick to the time between sets that is called for. That is the quickest way to lean muscle growth.

            So far in the program my arms have developed the most muscle, followed by shoulders. Also the legs have grown into a much more developed shape. I have noticed in the last week or so a change in the chest. Finally. The last photo I posted on the results page compares this week to week 4. While the angles ithe photos aren’t exactly identical they are close enough to show a pretty dramatic change in the chest. I’m hoping that this continues over the next couple of weeks, and after that I intend on adding Athlean’s TNT chest workout into my routine.

  9. David Stark says:

    Some constructive criticism that should save you some valuable time. I noticed that you said you contacted Athlean X about your rapid weight loss and insignificant muscle gain and their response was that your body was going through the process it needed to. Do you realize that you LOST 3.4 lbs of lean muscle mass? If your goal is to lose body fat and increase lean muscle then you fell short of your goal and worse….the staff didn’t even catch this when you contacted them. This is nutrition 101. This should tell you something about how knowledgeable they really are when it comes the nutrition aspect or at the very least it should tell you that they really didn’t put any thought into their answer to you. This is extremely easy to fix and their first question should have been “what is your lean muscle and body fat doing?” Thus….the reason is athean X’s flawed nutrition program, which in my opinion is just a marketing ploy.

    You lost 12 pounds, but 3.4 lbs of lean muscle mass along with 8.6 lbs of fat and in 12 weeks, I’m sorry to say…is not very good. As a matter of fact it’s bad. I’m not saying you did anything wrong, I’m just saying too many people put blind trust into things they shouldn’t, in this case the marketing tool of ” no counting of calories”. I’m not trying to rain on your parade or progress. I applaud you! And I agree with you in that the customer service leaves something to be desired. In my opinion…A LOT, especially with the advice you said they gave you.

    The nutrition gimmick of not counting calories may work for someone already at their goal…they are tuned into what their body needs and they are just maintaining. But for someone starting out with goals, such as yourself (and others) it is…in my opinion…severely limited and flawed. You know now why fitness models, body builders, ect…DO count calories and also count ratios of protein, carbs and fats. Losing lean muscle is a cardinal sin.

    Actually…I think you look better at day 64 than at the end. It’s probably cause you had more lean muscle weight. The other pictures make you almost too skinny.

    If I may offer some advice….stop searching for the magic body fat percentage. You’ll see your abs when your body fat gets low enough. NEVER lose muscle. It will slow your metabolism down and make losing body fat slower. Do NOT go by weight loss or gained. Just look at how your LEAN muscle mass and body fat are trending. If you lose lean muscle mass for more than 2 weeks straight then stop what you are doing and re-tool your diet immediately. Lean mass should go up or stay the same and body fat should go down. The athlean X diet plan offers no conventional direction and does not tell you how to correct problems. “Eat until you are full” is advice and direction, it’s just not good advice and direction for any goal other than wanting a feeling of satiety…in my opinion. Athlean X’s extra mile guarantee let you down in my opinion.

    I’m surprised that no one has brought up the fact that from your 12 pounds of weight loss..28.5% of that was muscle loss. This should be totally unacceptable to you, especially since they did not give you “x-pert” advice when you contacted them. I would think if they gave you the correct advice then you would not have lost so much muscle mass.

    I’m not trying to rain on your parade. I’m impressed by your tenacity and determination. You should be armed with better tools and resources though. It would make reaching your goals much easier. I know your a big fan of Jeff and athlean X, but I hope you are looking at the correct numbers when evaluating if something is helping you reach your goals. Body fat weight and lean body weight should be the numbers you are looking at to determine if what you are doing is working or not. I would research the effects of losing muscle mass when trying to lose body fat. It will defeat your purpose in many ways. I hope you do not waste another 12 weeks of losing more muscle mass. It is self defeating and when you have a lapse or fall off the band wagon then all the problems you’ve created for your metabolism will show up in the form of even more weight gain than when you first started.

    As I said…your problem is a very simple fix. Athlean X should tell you how to fix it. Just monitor your body fat weight and your lean muscle weight. If they can’t help you….let me know if you’re interested and I can tell you exactly how you can correct any diet problems you have in just a few minutes. Or not. Just thought I’d save you another 12 weeks of losing muscle.

    Keep at it, but do it wisely.


  10. david stark says:

    (to answer your question on the facebook page. You can delete once you read this/ )—

    I was going by the weight figures you provided at day 1 and at the end. Total weight-body fat weight= lean muscle mass. 168 -15.8% (26.4 lbs of fat) is 141.46 lbs of lean muscle. Day 82 you said you weighed 156 with a guess of 11-12% body fat, so say…11.5% gives you 18.72 lbs of fat with a lean muscle mass of 137.28 a decrease of 4.18 lbs of lean muscle. 156- 18.72 = 137.28. this is according to your figures you provided. So if they are accurate or even in the ball park then you are losing muscle mass, which is not good. Out of 12 pounds lost, 28.5% of that was muscle mass loss. Ball park estimate. Creatine may throw it off, but not reverse the trend I do not think. I was merely going by your figures you provided. As you lose weight and water weight, especially from the muscles then from under the skin you WILL appear to be bigger, muscle wise. Unless you are gaining muscle mass..this is an illusion. The only way to tell for sure if what you are doing is working is to look at body fat weight and lean muscle weight. total weight loss is meaningless for your stated goal.

    Again…I sincerely hope you didn’t take my comments the wrong way. If I offended then I apologize. It was not my intention.

    • Andy says:

      Hi David, thanks for all your comments. Of course I don’t take them as offense, I’m trying to figure out how to go in the right direction.

      From here in out, I’ll add a weekly Monday Electrical Impedance test to my stats. If I had known my current gym had this piece of equipment I would have been doing it all along. As I mentioned, I question the accuracy of the equipment, and think I’m somewhere in between the normal and athletic settings. There is only one person at the gym capable of doing a skin fold test, and even if he’s good I wouldn’t be able to have him do it regularly. With the Impedance tests, even if I am using the wrong setting at least I can get relative comparisons on that setting. So while the actual number for body fat % may be inaccurate, at least it should be accurate relative to the prior test. Make sense?

      I see how you did your math, unfortunately none of the numbers (yours or mine) are based on information that can be characterized as accurate. I have no idea if the guy who did my first analysis back on Day 1 did it right, it was a different type of machine than the one I’m using now. I have no idea what setting he used. And I’m only guessing 11-12% now because if it was 9.1 like it says with the Athletic setting, I would see some abs, and if it was 15.8% like it says with the normal setting, that would be the same reading I got before I started, and I’ve clearly lost a lot of fat since then (the photos show that).

      Assume for a minute that your math is right and I’m losing muscle weight. I don’t understand how that could be. I’m seemingly eating in the ratios I’m supposed to (with respect to Protein, Carbs and Fat). I’m taking a post-workout whey protein drink (maybe I need more protein in that drink?). But if it’s true, what steps should I be taking now to adjust my diet ratio? More protein throughout the day? More protein post-workout? More or less carbs? I’m using Olive and Canola oils when I cook (though as little as possible), eating things like Avocado and Walnuts. Not sure how to do better with the fats? 90% of my protein in meals comes from chicken breast. The rest from Tuna on wheat bread (a spoonful of fat free mayo, lemon juice, pepper), some grilled fish, and a couple of times over the 12 weeks from a pork tenderloin. My carbs are coming from about 60-40 brown and jasmine rice, once in a while couscous, once in a while Sweet Potato. I eat tons of vegetables (mostly broccoli, mushrooms, asparagus, zucchini, most of that steamed but sometimes stir fried with a bit of soy sauce). I have veggies at both lunch and dinner. For snacks I eat 1/2 peanut butter sandwich (low fat) on wheat bread. Or steamed edamame. Sometimes for my late night snack I eat another half peanut butter sandwich or else a protein shake with banana, and a spoonful of peanut butter. My ratios on my dinner plate are 1/3 protein (e.g. one decent sized chicken breast), 1/3 rice (or sweet potato, etc.), and 1/3 vegetables. I almost always have extra vegetables as well. Any thoughts? The photos I posted on this blog of the meals are examples of what I eat every day, although as I said I almost always have an extra portion of vegetables. I notice that I don’t have any protein with breakfast, except for some skim milk when I have GoLean (I have no milk when I eat oatmeal). My first protein then comes at 11AM right after my workout in the protein shake. Should I have a protein shake also with breakfast?

      The best thing I can do is track body fat regularly now using one of the settings on the machine. Maybe I’ll run it with both settings each time I do it and track both trends. After a couple of weeks I should have an idea how things are going.

      My head is spinning, I wish there was an easier way to track this. I certainly don’t want to be working against myself! Thanks again, and I’ll keep you updated over the next couple of weeks.

      • David Stark says:

        There you go! Finally….someone who doesn’t work with blinders on. Tell you what Andy….your questions are easy enough and I’m seeing some mistakes ( i think ) you are making based on what you are telling me.

        Also….the body fat and lean muscle mass does not have to be precise. It’s not necessary really and here’s why….your abs (which I assume is a goal of yours) will show themselves when your body fat is low enough and you can look in the mirror and see if you like what you see or not—which is a way of seeing if you have gained enough muscle mass for your ego. The only thing that really matters is WHICH WAY the body fat and muscle mass are trending. Is body fat going up or down? Same thing with muscle mass–up or down.

        I’ll send my reply to your email you have on your blog here and then that way if you get a response back from athlean X then you can compare answers.

        (BTW….my math was off last night. It was very late and I had the wife in my ear telling me to come to bed. Ignore the 4.8 lbs in the second post. 3.4 lbs is the correct number.)

        • Andy says:

          Well that’s dedication to a stranger when you ignore your wife to send a message!

          I’m under no illusion that I’ve built the kind of muscle that I want. In the email I sent Athlean after Week 7 I described myself as way too thin. I also realize that I was a blank slate when I started and the muscle won’t come overnight.

          Seeing the abs is now a goal of Round 2, but honestly a secondary goal. My primary 2 concerns are to build an athletic amount of lean muscle, and lose any unhealthy and unsightly body fat (I really don’t like how it looks on the belly and lower back, so I want it gone). If the abs show, they show. My long term goal now is to complete a Triathlon 18 months from now, so I want to get myself into athletic-enough shape so that I can begin training about 5 months from now.

          I appreciate your input, really. This afternoon I tried reading some more about nutrition but every source has differences. I look forward to your email.

          Thanks again. Have a great weekend.

  11. Tex117 says:

    You certainly bring an interesting perspective to the comments here.

    No question you raise the cardnial sin of not wanting to lose lean muscle, while losing fat. My question to you is have you actually seen the athlean x nutrition plan?

    I can say that I eat more on the plan than I ever did off of the plan. I work out about the same amount as I did before I started the plan, I just am working out in a more well-rounded way and smarter in some cases.

    In terms of the “don’t count your calories”, I honestly think this is a tag line. If you do the math of the plan and count the calories, then you see that the plan runs you at a calorie deficency of around 500 to 300 off of 2000. Give or take.

    Going off of Andy’s description of his diet, how would you change it? More calories? More protien? More of less carbs? I know personally, I attempt to eat my body weight 184-190 in grams of protien a day.

    Also, do you subscribe to the eat a ton work out a ton then chisle the muscle out approach or the slim down then pump up approach?

    IMO, there is nothing inheriently wrong with the athlean-x nutriion plan. Eating more veggies and chicken (all you can eat) while basically eating smart and continuously throughout the day on timed invtervals is not goinig to physically harm you.

  12. david stark says:

    Good Questions Tex.

    Unfortunately I just seen it and my wife is yelling at me to come to bed. Nothing like a cranky wife in bed,huh? I’ll be sure to address your questions tomorrow.


    • Tex says:

      Well, ensuring a wife is a happy wife is certainly top priority for alot of reasons not the least of which is your health!

      I look forward to reading your response.

  13. david stark says:

    “My question to you is have you actually seen the athlean x nutrition plan?”


    “I can say that I eat more on the plan than I ever did off of the plan. I work out about the same amount as I did before I started the plan, I just am working out in a more well-rounded way and smarter in some cases.”

    I’m sure almost everyone who starts a new fitness program changes their diet and the amounts they eat. They should in most cases, because most are not making conscience decisions about what they are eating and the effects it will have on their body. Most people do not realize just how important diet is and still more, from sites I’ve been at and reading comments from people, do not know how important the ratios are of carbs, proteins and fats that should be tailored to their particular body type and activity level. “Eating clean”, “eating less”, “eating more”, “watching what I eat”, ect…doesn’t mean a thing other than they are not going without food. It’s like baking a cake….if you just put an amount of sugar you feel comfortable with, a few eggs, some flour, some vanilla extract, some milk in a bowl and mix it together then chances are you will have something that tastes similar to a cake-like thing, but not quite. It may be too watery, to dry, to sweet, to…what ever. Why? you didn’t used certain specific amounts of each thing.

    True, some people will get it right the first time just by sheer luck. I won’t deny that. Most will not. With their diet….most will inevitably ask the question, “what am I doing wrong?” or some variation thereof after a certain amount of time.

    “In terms of the “don’t count your calories”, I honestly think this is a tag line. If you do the math of the plan and count the calories, then you see that the plan runs you at a calorie deficency of around 500 to 300 off of 2000. Give or take. ”

    I assume you mean that you do NOT think this is a tag line. With that in mind, you are assuming that it will take 2000 calories for everyone who does the program to maintain their current body weight and there by assuming that 500-300 calorie deficit is enough (which will be 1700-1500 calories) for a healthy weight loss. My question to you is….What do you classify as “healthy” weight loss?
    If you are losing lean muscle then that is definitely not healthy weight loss. UNLESS you are obese with ALOT of weight to lose then 1, 2, 3 lbs of body fat loss a week is about right. Anything more and you run the risk of losing muscle. These are just general guidelines. The leaner you get the more careful you need to be about losing weight too fast.

    I’m sure we can agree that everyone’s body is different and responds differently to different things. If you are used to eating 3000 to 4000 calories a day before starting a 2000 calorie plan then what do you think your body will do when you suddenly take in 1000 to 2000 calories less each day for 12 weeks? I’ll tell you what it will do….it will say, “holy crap! This guy is trying to starve us. we need to hold on to our reserves (body fat) just in case this fool drops down even lower. Let’s dump some muscle so we don’t need as much fuel to keep our regular routine going.” Thats what it will do. Your leptin levels will drop, your metabolism will get SLOWER and you’ll start losing muscle so your body won’t NEED as many calories. (your leptin levels, if dropped to low for too long will trigger your starvation response in your body) Then what happens? You will plateau because your body will get skinner and adjust to the lower calorie intake and what do some people do? They either give up and quit, the reduce their calories even lower or the exercise even more. That last two creates an even bigger calorie deficit and the cycle starts over again.

    OR….they aren’t taking in enough good calories to keep a bird alive and the excess calories they dont need are stored as body fat and they say…”hey, I’ve gained 20 lbs on this diet!” More than likely it is mostly body fat. Not always, but it is logical. I mean…you rarely ever see someone post their lean muscle mass as proof of gaining 20 lbs of lean muscle in a short period of time. At least I don’t.

    The intelligent thing to do would be to see how much you are currently eating and then gradually work your way up to a certain amount, not doing it suddenly.

    To find a calorie deficit or surplus you need to know how much is a deficit or a surplus right? You just can’t guess at it? I mean you could…but it would be wasted time trying to figure it out over weeks and weeks. Wouldn’t it be better to know how many calories your specific body needs considering your activity level to maintain it’s current weight and then start from there? If you knew that amount, then you’d know how many calories and exercise combined to create a calorie deficit or a caloric surplus to gain weight. Doesn’t this make more sense and wouldn’t this be more precise and easier than just guessing and hoping?

    Don’t get me wrong…after a while and after you’ve gotten the body you want then I’m quite sure you will know what your body wants and needs without having to track it as carefully. You will instinctively know. I get that. It’s just my opinion that I think “don’t worry about counting calories” is a gimick for the reasons I sited above. It’s not horribly wrong, it’s just severely flawed…in my opinion. For anyone who’s bought the program knows that Athlean X offers. if memory serves me correctly ( for a limited time after buying the initial program) an even more personal and specific diet geared towards the person. If so, then could this more specific diet or attention be what I’m talking about in my talking points? Probably, but the only one who will know for sure is someone who is subscribing to that. Then comes the questions of ratios for each person’s body type or starting point. Carbs, proteins and fats.

    “Going off of Andy’s description of his diet, how would you change it? More calories? More protien? More of less carbs? I know personally, I attempt to eat my body weight 184-190 in grams of protien a day. ”

    I’m emailing Andy and giving him options and my reasoning. I assume he is double checking me off the internet and then deciding for himself if what I’m telling him holds any truth and then deciding if it makes sense enough to try it. My answer in a nutt shell to this question would be….I told him he should be more specific and what ratios I would start out with given the goals he stated. He would have to fine tune it, of course but I believe it’s a much better starting point and he’ll have less guess work involved enabling him to reach his goals faster.

    “Also, do you subscribe to the eat a ton work out a ton then chisle the muscle out approach or the slim down then pump up approach? ”

    No. I subscribe to the fact that there are starting points for and you can eat for : Losing body fat, losing body fat with a little added muscle, adding LEAN muscle weight with very little body fat accumulation and just eating to maintain your current condition. All of these takes different calories and/or ratios depending on your body type and activity level. A blanket/ general approach may work (by luck) for some people, but I would think the vast majority would see much greater results and they kind of results they were hoping for if the diet was tailor made for the individual. Logically….how could it not? Haven’t you seen the questions about…”do I need to get in shape before I start this program?” This tells me the person is likely over weight, probably more than a little. Then you have “Is this program for people trying to lose weight or does this help skinny people gain muscle?” This tells me you have a hard gainer or perhaps just a skinny person who has no idea how to begin a program. These two individuals are probably currently eating different amounts and have different goals, frames and body types. Thus….they are at 2 different starting points and the odds are that 2000 calories a day with very little healthy fat is not going to help both of these people.

    “IMO, there is nothing inheriently wrong with the athlean-x nutriion plan. Eating more veggies and chicken (all you can eat) while basically eating smart and continuously throughout the day on timed invtervals is not goinig to physically harm you.”

    I have no problem with someone’s opinion or belief. That would be silly. My question to you would be…can you make any logical or scientific arguments in support of your opinion? I mean…I’m talking in the context of the reason behind the nutrition plan. to shed body fat and gain lean muscle. When you say “veggies” I assume you mean things like green beans, broccoli, salads, ect…mostly green things. If that’s the case then while those are very nutritious they do not have hardly any calories in them at all and you would have to eat A TON of green veggies and then over eat protein to get the fuel you need.

    No, it will not physically harm you. I never said it would. I’m not saying it now. I’m saying that the diet plan is wayyy to general to be efficient for all people, UNMODIFIED, in my opinion. It will and does work for some. But what about the others? “Eat more” is not good advice. Yes, but more of what? For someone looking to bulk up they would have to up their fats to 30-35% or maybe a little higher. Fats help promote the production of testosterone and testosterone helps to burn body fat easier. Coconut oil for example…a GREAT oil to take. It’s a MCT. It helps the burn burn body fat more efficiently. Olive oil…used for centuries and is very healthy for you. Most would just assume that cooking with these oils are sufficient. What they need to do to get the required ratio of fats is to take it by the tablespoon full or put it in their shakes. Then you have low glycemic vs. high glycemic carbs. Did you know that Jasmine rice (which is on the athlean X meal plan has a glycemic index of 109. Straight sugar (glucose) is 100. High glycemic foods will stop fat burning in it’s tracks if eaten at the wrong time. Sure, broccoli or some other low glycemic can and does lower the index of higher glycemic foods but why take them at the wrong times in the first place?

    I understand why the program has the meal plan it does, but in my opinion it is not very good and it’s flawed for the reasons I’ve stated. Then you have to ask yourself…if it is all encompassing then why would athlean X offer a more specific program for more money, (if memory serves me correctly). I’m all for a business man making money. I have no problem with selling more advanced techniques and plans. I really don’t. That’s not what I’m saying. My point is…the nutrition program is flawed and there is a much better way. It is not easier, but that’s what sellers of fitness programs count of these days. With Beachbody making over 400 million a year and that is just beachbody alone….who wouldn’t try to get a piece of that? I’m not saying Athlean X is a bad program nor am I saying they are defrauding people out of money. I’m just saying exactly what I said. No more, no less. this of course is only my opinion based on what I’ve read and researched in books, learned in college and on the internet.

    It’s a bit wordy…but I tried to answer you the best I could.

    You raised some good questions.


  14. Tex117 says:

    That was a serious reply! Thank you for your response.

    Im a 6’5″, was 190 pound guy, now 184 (after 5 weeks), so Im constantly trying to figure out what the best nutrition plan for me is. Guessing? You bet, but how else would I do it?

    I wouldn’t argue with one, single point you made. But of course it would be nice if we all had personal trainers that would tailor each and every meal for optinal results at any given time given any goal.

    This stuff is really complicated but I can say one thing about the Athlean X nutrition plan, its better than the terrible nutrition I was getting (Not eating near enough, and not only that…it was fairly junk anyway), I feel better than I ever did (thought I wasn’t getting enough sleep but I really wasn’t getting enough good foods).

  15. David Stark says:

    Thanks Tex,

    As I suggested to Andy….you need to monitor your body fat and your lean muscle mass to find out if your diet is working for you or not. It’s really easy….you don’t really need to be precise or specific. You just need to know which way it’s trending. I use those white body fat calipers myself, but you can use the navy body fat testing method. Here is the link…..


    Just plug your numbers in and the important numbers are the “percentage of body fat” and “lean body mass”. Pay no attention to the calorie suggestions it gives you. To find your body fat in pounds just multiply your percentage by your current weight. If you weigh 184 and it says your body fat % is 28% just multiply 184 x .28 = 51.52 lbs of fat. Subtract this from 184 to get your lean muscle mass…132.48 lbs of lean muscle. There you go….51.52 lbs of body fat and 132.48 lbs of lean muscle, these two numbers are whats important. Make sure your body fat trends downward and your lean muscle mass stays the same or goes up. You will have minor fluctuations from time to time, but if your body fat doesn’t move for 2 weeks or so and if your lean muscle goes down for 2 weeks or so then you need to change something in your diet, considering all the other stuff is the same.

    I’ve found that this equation gives a reading of 2% higher than the body fat calipers, but the only important thing is how it’s trending though.

    With Andy’s intelligence, determination and character he is poised to have any kind of physique he wants. From his pictures he seems to already have a natural athletic frame, so he’s ahead of the game already.

    • Tex says:

      There is no question Andy is determined to do what it takes. His results are already pretty solid when compared to his Jan. pictures.

      Thank you for the link and the explanation. You have provided a great tip for those who follow this blog. You have shown us fitness newbies how to tinker with out own diets and follow trends.

      Thanks again.

  16. Ernie says:


    Those are some excellent results. I have a question. I’m just starting, this is week 3 for me. In preparation for week 4. Did you do all 3 exercises in a row and time from start to finish…..or time each exercise individually and add the time together to get your end result? I’m a little nervous seeing how well you did the first time around.

    • Andy says:

      Hi Ernie, welcome to the blog. My best advice is not to spend all of week 3 worrying about week 4. That’s what I did, and it’s just not necessary. Think of it as another workout. A tough workout, but just a workout. You’ll do fine. Once the clock starts, it doesn’t stop. The workout is as much about overall conditioning as it is strength in each exercise, so any time you take to rest between sets has to be included. Over the last 12 weeks the thing that’s cut my time down the most is minimizing and eliminating the time between sets!! But you will likely need a few breaks and that’s OK. The first time I did the challenge I did random amounts of each exercise, writing down the numbers, just doing as many as I could then moving on and repeating. But then it was recommended to me that I should try 20/20/20/20 and repeat that cycle 5 times. I did that and got a much better time, and that’s pretty much what I still do (see my post on Day 22 – Round 2). Others do 10/10/10/10 and do that 10 times. Whatever you choose, just keep pushing and you’ll do fine. And if you want to do better, then on Friday you will have that chance.

      Another hint: I set all 4 exercises up in a very tight location so that I waste no time moving from one to the other. I am doing the Gym workout (not the home workout) so I set everything up in the space within a squat rack. Moving from one exercise to another takes only a second.

      Let us know how you did, and if you have any more questions let me know.

  17. Max says:

    Hello Andy, I am a 16 year old, and I am seriously thinking on buying the program after seeing your results. I have to congratulate you for being so perseverant in it.
    Although I am on the verge of buying it, I have some questions regarding it:

    – Will the program´s food plan affect me as in growth (as in not enough nutrients or so )?
    – I am an athlete, could this actually help me perform better in my sport?

    I also read many of the comments, and would like to know what adjustments would I have to make to the programmed diet in order to not loose lean muscle but fat.



    • Andy says:

      Hi Max, welcome to the blog. Glad you found it and I hope you find it helpful.

      I’m not qualified to give you an answer to your first question. Honestly I don’t know how the Athlean-X nutrition plan will affect you if you’re still growing, and I don’t want to give you bad advice. If you ask the question on the Athlean Facebook page you may get a more qualified answer. That said, if you are eating the right amount of calories and the right combo of foods, then that along with the exercise routines should burn fat and promote lean muscle. That is what my results were. But as a 16 year old who plays sports you have a different set of needs than I do.

      From an athlete’s point of view, absolutely this program can improve your athleticism. Most people report improvements in conditioning, quickness and power moves. I have seen an improvement also in my balance, and because the program uses combination movements which include the core I am seeing an improvement where core comes into play such as in my golf swing and baseball swing.

      If you are looking for pure strength increase, for example if you are a lineman in football, then you should know that Athlean concentrates in the rep ranges that promote fat loss and muscle size growth. But working out for size is different than working out for strength. Yes I got stronger, but to really gain muscle strength requires lower-rep sets with higher weights and perhaps longer rest between sets. So you need to identify your goals and act accordingly.

      From what I understand, following the program’s diet (or using it as a guideline for ratios and quantities but replacing with your own choices) will allow you to burn fat while retaining muscle. However if you explore the comments in my blog you will see many discussions about nutrition from people with a ton of experience, and they rightly point out that true nutrition for muscle growth is more detailed and complicated than the somewhat simplistic Athlean-X plan. Of people following the plan and the program, I can’t recall seeing posts complaining that they were heading in the wrong direction. Again, however, remember you are still growing so you need good expert advice on your personal needs and diet.

      Let me know if you have any more questions. On today’s post I will mention your comment, so perhaps ores can chime in here. E

      • Oscarbites says:

        Hey Max,

        I think Andy has covered a lot there in regard to your questions and I agree on all of them. I am not qualified to give nutritional advice to a growing 16 year old but I would recommend to ensure you are getting the most nutrients possible I would focus on trying to eat complete and natural foods (lean proteins, fresh fruit and vegtables) while on the program.

        Perhaps try not to focus too much on the protein bar as a snack side of Athlean-x’s meal plans. Although these are convenient it is my opinion that you should stick with whole natural foods (a small turkey salad is just as good if not better than a protein bar in my opinion) to ensure nutrient uptake does not diminish when training. Try to limit your intake of refined sugary products also as these drain the body of nutrients and vitamins. A multi vitamin supplement might also help if you are worried about your intake of nutrients of vitamins. I echo Andy’s comment on asking the Athlean community on facebook or if your really worried speak to your doctor.

        I’ve found the program itself to be, fun, exciting, challenging and rewarding. The exercise are unique and functional and will increase your athleticism. Jeff is a qualified Physical therapist and clearly knows what he is talking about.

        If you have any other questions or queries be sure to ask. I have only just set up my own blog and I have already learned a lot from like minded individuals like Andy and others.

        Train hard, expect success, have fun!!



        • Max says:

          Hello! First of all, I want to thank you guys for answering my questions, specifying my sport, I am a surfer. By reading your response, I can see your balance and strength has improved with the program, which will surely help me being a crucial subject on this sport. The reason too, mainly apart from becoming better on surfing, is to change my habits. I have very bad eating habits, such as yours before starting the program. I eat at any random time, even when I dont need to, and mainly eat junk food or non-healthy foods. I am not obese, although I have a lot of body fat, referring again to your pictures before starting the program, although with a lesser extent. I want to demolish this fat coat and although not build huge muscles, look better by having a more defined body.

          I am going to start the program as of this Monday. I am going to try to follow it as close as possible as of the excercises and meals. My only problem is that actually I have the bad habit of many times not being able to finish something. I will propose myself to complete this, as it will not only help me physically, but it may generate a habit for me that I may keep for many years.

          It is really late here now, I am going to sleep. Once again I want to thank you for answering my questions, and I will try to have the same perseverance you had while going through the program.


          • Andy says:

            OK Max. I’ll make a deal with you. Every Monday (or whatever day, just once a week), go to my blog and make a short comment on that day’s post just to let us know you’re still working out. Let that become part of your routine. You can take advantage of that time to ask people any questions you have or ask for recommendations. Do that, and we won’t send somebody over to break your surf board LOL!

    • Andy says:

      Hi again Max. There is a reply to your questions in the comments on Visual Impact Day 24.

  18. Max says:

    I will!!! My only concern right now is that if the gym I will attend will have all of the necessary equipment to complete all the exercises. Besides of this, I am ready to start!

  19. Dion says:

    I think you did a great job sir you are bigger in day 90 then in day 60 and you leaned up quite a bit you look healthy and fit in day 90 I myself just started ax1 i converted over from p90x3 and i can say the work outs certainly make me quite sore i really like the no counting calories and macros approach its just to consuming for me I eat when i feel hungry and i try to make the better choices though i dont follow jeffs exact meal plan since alot of the food i just dont care for, id have to cook so much chicken to get through a weeks worth of lunch and dinners so i choose the lean options from restaurants for lunch every day mostly chipotle chicken tacos or chicken salads with some rice. But i can say i eat more then the guide suggests i work a very active job and im a young guy i am going to be getting onto some of jeffs supplements to help me get more protein in

    • Andy says:

      Thanks for the comments, and welcome to the Athlean team. I’m sure you’ll love the workouts. It sounds like you’ve got a good nutrition plan in place — just be careful about some additives that can be found in restaurant food, especially sauces. I don’t use Jeff’s supplements but I am absolutely sure that the quality will be top notch — supplementation is something he is incredibly knowledgeable about. You can get protein on your own if you’d rather try that first, for example at night try eating a serving of low fat cottage cheese instead of using slow acting protein powder.

      Good luck, and let us know how the program works for you.

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